Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Social Justice and The Gospel” multiple parts

There is a great division within the visible Church today and as the division grows more distinct, one better know where he or she stands on the issues. It is our duty to make certain our stance is firmly founded on a correct interpretation of the Scripture. This is why we primarily prioritize the earnest, disciplined, informed, exegetical preaching of the Word. I’d love to get straightway into the pertinent passages which clearly and contextually convey the intent, motives, attitude, priority, virtues, and values of our LORD. However, we must take a small amount of time to understand the “spirit of the age.” Furthermore, when Christ returns, or when we depart this world, we want to be found faithful to Him. Though we are saved by grace through faith, our actions will be judged and we will account for our stances. It is necessary to be informed, but I find it doubly necessary that we consider our denominational Convention’s stance so as to make a decision regarding our affiliation.

– Defining Terms and Intent

– The Kingdom of God vs The Kingdom of Socialism

– The SJ Gospel vs The Gospel

– Extreme Hypocrisy

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In part 3 add Lu 6:26; Jn 15:19; Jam 4:4; 1 Jn 2:15-17; Jn 17:14; Isa 30:10; and Jer 5:31.

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