As well as disseminating the transformative and salvific Word of the LORD, we have a Food Pantry for the locals in need.

We are also proud to directly support Breaking Ground Missions in Uganda, Africa as our adopted missions affiliation. It is crucial that our stewardship be critical, as opposed to just giving to a supposed trusted established mission. We have found that larger missions reallocate donated monies to bloated administrations which misappropriate donations away from the actual mission field and Gospel.

Therefore, after researching and finding that Breaking Ground Missions are efficient and transparent with received funding – and having met with the Douglas family and hearing their presentation and answering our inquiries – we know that supporting them is practicing critical stewardship because their mission is Gospel centered. What our current local church dynamic cannot do abroad physically, we are able and privileged to do through supporting Breaking Ground Missions financially and prayerfully.

To learn more about the mission, here is the link to their website: – Sound Doctrine Ministry for Pastor Training in Uganda Africa >>>