Special Sunday Morning Question and Answer time.

29 August 2021

Jesus is the answer! You may ask, “What’s the question?” As the Antitype to the ancient type and the Substance to the ancient shadows, He is the answer to the ancient prophesies, ceremonies, and promises. He is the answer to our problem of sin. He is the answer to the purpose for our lives. He is the answer to those who are with little or no hope. He is the answer to all mysteries in the cosmos as well as the ones of unseen spirit. He is the answer to higher criticism. He is the answer to every coherent question of ontology and epistemology. And since many of you don’t know what those two big words mean, I might be able to answer some of your questions today (ha ha). In our session my objectives are to take us to the Word for all answers and demonstrate how we can all do a bit of the same. In fact, how to do such may be one of your questions. So let’s open our minds and the Book and gain understanding and practice wisdom.