Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Gifts From the Savior”

I love Christmas time, and it’s nice to do devotional sermons so as to meditate on Jesus’ advent with its impetus and implications.  Today we will briefly consider eight “gifts” which Christ brought to His people.  Like the good gifts we receive from one another, (although every good and perfect gift ultimately comes from the Father of lights Jam. 1:17), Christ’s gifts come with impetus for response and responsibility.  The greater the gift, the greater the responsibility.  But His is a gift that inspires, transforms, and blesses abundantly and above our comprehension. Therefore our responsibilities are actually privileges.  “All the heavens cannot hold you LORD – How much less to dwell in me.  I can only make my one desire – Holding on to Thee.  All the angels exalt You on high – What a kingdom to depart.  But You left Your throne in the sky – Just to live inside my heart” (from “All the Heavens” by Third Day).  Have a joy-filled Christmas as you meditate on His coming for you!

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