Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Wolves in Wool”

Scripture has much to say about false teachers/prophets. In fact, Jesus saved His most scathing condemnation for the authoritative establishment Pharisees of His day. Why? Not because they were teaching heresy or disdaining Scripture, but because they were hypocritically teaching it and failing to see how Jesus is the center of if all. Paul’s epistles are also mainly corrective in nature as he dealt with false doctrines and sinful practices in the early church. Not much has changed with regard to the Church’s external and internal foes. Though it may look different today, the nature of infiltration is the same. The Progressive Church (or the Woke Church) is watering down the Gospel of God’s righteous intolerance of sin, Jesus’ substitutionary atonement, and holy living. They say Jesus is “your friend in heaven” so to speak, and not the only way to salvation. Every heresy (and harmful practice which follows) begins with a misconception of God. Unless one’s theology comes from the Revelation of God (Scripture), it is merely theory conjured up my man. When we begin with our pea brains and attempt to understand God philosophically or experientially, we will never get to the Truth. And when we have clever, manipulating, and sensational bad shepherds infiltrating our churches and affirming our sinful desires, our discernment is vital.

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