“Who’s on Trial?”  John 5:16-47
Although Jesus knew their hearts were hardened toward Him; He offered them, His disciples, and now us evidence for who He is. He was not on trial but they were. The mother of all questions came from Jesus: “Who do you say that I am?” Jesus offered us evidence not for His sake but for ours. The Father has predestined that whoever shall repent and cling to His living Word, shall be redeemed. Is Jesus the pinnacle of a long line of prophets? Is He the son of God/Son of Man? If Jesus is the prophesied superior prophet, priest, and king, you and I had better acknowledge such if we hope to enjoy His reconciliation, resurrection, and reign! To refuse to believe the divinely inspired Prophets who foretold of His person and work, Jesus’ words and signs, and those who left all to follow Him and sacrificed all to die for Him – is to be willfully and fatally ignorant.

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