Sunday Morning Sermon Series: “Wellspring of Worship” John 4:1-26
When I attempt to create witnessing opportunities, I find that people are not looking For God or His righteousness (Ro. 3:10-11).  That is why I have to point to sin (theirs and mine) and the necessity for repentance, sacrifice, substitution, righteousness, and mercy.  Jesus is the ONLY person (place) where all of these meet, and it was upon His cross that my sins’ penalty was paid in full.  Therefore, He is the only “place” of accepted worship.  Any worship done outside of Jesus is not worship of the living, pure, righteous, almighty God.  People look for relief, peace, fulfillment, and purpose yet such cannot be found until one acknowledges and receives her Creator who designed her to find enjoyment in Him.  The unnamed outcast woman at the well had looked for love in all the wrong places (multiple husbands), but when she found Christ, she found the love of God and the true “place” of worship.
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