Wednesday Night Bible Study:  John 11:1-16  (Multiple parts)

Because all have sinned, death visits all of us (Ro. 5:12; 6:23). Death is not natural, but rather a result of our fallen nature’s curse. Though 10 out of 10 people die, we don’t have to fear death. It has been defeated for us by the Savior. The key to living life is, however, to die to self. The fruit of peace can only be acquired with the death of the seed. As it is buried, the seed is no more; but from the soil rises a new life to bloom and ultimately bear fruit. This kind of birth in a human is no more natural than death. Death became natural to fallen man and the new birth can only come from the risen man! That risen Man not only gave us hope but demonstrated the power that affords us assurance of life after life. One who has received Christ has received such life and thus no longer needs to fear death.

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