Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Through Slaughter To Splendor”  John 6:51-59 (2 part Sermon)

Part 1:  All orthodox believers partake of Jesus.  All who know Him abide in Him and thus He in us.  Not all believers agree upon the understanding of Jesus’ discourse on eating and drinking His flesh and blood and on the meaning of His instruction for His disciples to partake of the elements to remember Him.  This is a crucial debate within Christendom because all sides of it realize that the interpretation and implications of these passages are profound and salvific!  We will explore the text of Jesus’ discourse in John 6:51-59 and exegetically interpret such with fear and trembling so as to understand Jesus’ words with utter sobriety.  This discourse emphasizes both negative and positive consequences (life or death) for heeding Jesus’ words and such results come down to whether or not we “eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood.”  What does it mean to eat and drink of His body and blood?  That is the question and eternal life is in the balance of our adherence to it, according to Jesus’ own words.  Spirit of Christ, lead us into truth for our salvation and Your glory! 

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