Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The Word of Revelation” part 3

The Word of the Prophets.  The Word is full of motifs (tapestries of themes) which point to the Person of salvation. In hindsight, we see that the Feasts depicted major aspects of Jesus’ person and work. We see how He is the fulfillment of Sabbath rest. We see that the narratives point to the necessity of a Savior. We see how the Psalms describe Him. We see how the Tabernacle and Temple illustrated His body and ministry. We see how Melchizedek was a type (if not Preincarnate theophany) of Jesus. We see how Noah’s ark typified Christ. We see how every Law served to emphasize His perfect righteousness. These are a few types and shadows (Col. 2:17; Heb. 8:5; 9:23; 10:1 cf. Exod. 25:40) which come to mind as well as the Prophets (Heb. 1:1-4), to whom we now turn. The Word of the Prophets offers us a treasure trove of pictures, predictions, and particulars of the coming Word of the LORD! When they were written, they offered cryptic descriptions of Jesus but in the year of our LORD, we are enamored and assured of the divine inspiration of the Word of the Prophets – and that assurance pertains to our salvation!

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