Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The Word of Revelation” part 1

Everything except God must have context.  All creation is in the context of the eternal Word.  For example:  galaxies, our solar system, and earth are governed in and by the environment of the cosmos, while spiritual beings such as angels and humans are governed by the laws of morality.  It is the Word of Creation who created the physical environments in which we live and whose character governs the morality of spiritual beings such as us.  Just as we must learn to function in a physical universe, we must also learn to live in a moral universe.  Therefore, the Word of Creation has given us multiple forms of revelation to reveal that He is (see Part 1) and who He is and what He requires (see Micah 6:8).  The Word of Law is perceived by the metaphysical eye which recognizes morality and love.  It is in and for love that He made us and the Law verifies such as it helps us to see God’s loving and righteous character.

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