Sunday Morning Sermon Series: “The Word of God” Psalm 119:1-8 Part 2

In the beginning, the Word of God created the universe. The Word of God, about which the psalmist sung, describes the nature of God. It is the transcript of God’s nature and thus it is life. It is powerful and authoritative and our plumb line of truth and goodness. It stands to reason that those who love it are blessed and walk in the light which it provides. The Psalmist (King David in this case) employed the Hebrew alphabet in Psalm 119 to describe and praise the Word of God, and thus he began with the Hebrew letter aleph. As with all of the other letters, David used aleph eight times in the first eight verses to proclaim truths about God’s Word. In these first eight words which begin with the letter aleph we see David proclaiming its authority, benevolence, goodness, relevance, and power. Like the psalmist, let us learn to love the beautiful and salvific Word of God more deeply.

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