Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The Righteous Shepherd”  John 10:1-21

Palm Sunday not only looks back to when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey as they cried out ‘hosanna.”  It also recounts the prophecies of God that He himself would come to save them and be their Shepherd King.  As Hosea wrote, The King/Shepherd would come to rescue His sheep (Hos. 9) and come He did, riding on a donkey.  John 10 records Jesus alluding to the OT warnings to the bad shepherds of Israel and the promise of God coming to be their good Shepherd.  It was this very promise that Jesus fulfilled.  He displayed His love and watchful care over His sheep with healing, and He pointed to His shortly coming resurrection; both proving that He is the King/Shepherd of which the Prophets foretold.

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