Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The Normal Supernatural Life” 2 Cor 6

“Marks of Ministers”

We all bear marks of sin in our lives.  Some marks are psychological, some are physical, and many are spiritual.  Like scars, these marks can serve as reminders of damage.  Unlike some scars, the damage of sin is irreparable.  It’s a disease that keeps on destroying.  However, there is a Savior who bore the marks of our sins on a cross.  And what is spectacular about such is that taking upon the marks of His ministry will be temporary; and the marks of our sin will be removed forevermore in the age to come – save the permanent mark of His love on our lives.  It’s a permanent mark of which we will be honored to wear forevermore (Rev. 22:4)!  And it seems that He will permanently bear the marks of the price for our salvation upon Himself (Jn. 20:27).  The marks He bears are an eternal testimony of His unspeakable achievement of conquering sin, evil, hell, and death; and also that of His worthiness, sacrifice, love, and righteousness.  The marks of sacrifice we bear in this life will be but temporary and as a vapor compared to eternity future.  Since we are called to bear such for a time, let us joyfully accept them as He glorifies us for eternity.

Mark of Evangelism (1-2)

Marks of Self-denial (3)

Marks of Persecution (4-9)

Mark of Joy (10)

Marks of Holiness (11-18)

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