Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The Normal Supernatural Life” 2 Cor 5

“Faith’s Foci”

As believers, we must see things through heaven’s eyes.  If we see things as “under the sun,” we will easily be distracted, discouraged, and in disdain.  But if we look at life as “under the Son,” we remember the age to come, the glory of Christ, the urgency of repentance, the evidence in God’s revelation, His transformative work in us, and the purpose for which He commissioned us here and now.  This chapter provides us assurance of a future resurrection, our current motivation, our increasing sanctification, and ultimate commission.  Understanding these realities helps up to focus our faith on its evidence, promises, impetus, and appeal.

Faith’s Promise (1-5)

Faith’s Confidence (6-8)

Faith’s Impetus (9-11)

Faith’s Evidence (12-17)

Faith’s Appeal (18-21)

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