Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The Normal Supernatural Life” 2 Cor 4

“The Body of Faith”

I was taught that a sermon ought to have one main point, and thus it should have a targeted intro, body, and conclusion/invitation.  Such an approach would be to make the message distinct, clear, attainable, and perhaps even concise.  I’m not saying that such is an errant approach, but if you read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (which consists of snippets of a very long sermon which may have taken hours), He did not follow that philosophy.  Though we are obviously not Jesus, we are to examine and employ principles in His sermons and teachings.  And because we are not Jesus, we need to rely even more on our exegetical study of Scripture because we don’t know the first century like He does, nor do we exhaustively know the meaning of Scripture as He is!  Therefore, I am passionately convicted to preach, not only topically, but focus on passages in context as well as entire books in the Bible.  Scripture was not written in chapter and verse; those were inserted roughly ten centuries after its compilation.  Hence it behooves us to look at books of Scripture rather than isolated verses in Scripture.  I do my best to have ‘one message’ sermons with the natural points naturally drawn out from the text; but this means I have to let the text determine the points; but sometimes a text has much packed into it and thus we need to take time to unpack such.  I find it impossible to articulate my point without many words even now so I’ll skip to an application now:  At times, I must make a sermon into a part two or even three, or a series so as not to rush through.  The listener must learn to be patient in a sound bite culture of bumper sticker theology and meme philosophy.         

Faith’s Heart (1-6)

Faith’s Body (7-12)

Faith’s Mouth (13-15)

Faith’s Eyes (16-18)

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