Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The Normal Supernatural Life” 2 Cor 3

The normal Christian life is a glorified life but not one the world desires. Vision, righteousness, cleansing, life, and glory are what the Spirit of Christ produces in our lives. But the evil one has his counterfeits. His glory is that which includes the sensational and sexy, which is applauded and approved by the carnal man. His is the sanitization of sin via stuffing the skin of truth with lies, presenting sin as virtuous, and promoting acceptance of sin due to the majority’s approval. His is the gaining of the life which Jesus commands us to lose. And his is the sight which only sees what is attractive to the carnal appetite. Conversely, the spiritual soul has a glory which is seen in obedience, humility, sacrifice, service, and discipline. His is a cleansing of the soul by the Spirit of Christ. His is the eternal life which Jesus alone has purchased for His elect. And his is a sight that sees the glory of the Gospel which the world either dismisses, defames, or distorts.

Superior Criteria (Background)

Superior Letters

Superior Glory

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