Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The Light of the World”  John 8:12-20

One cannot live without making judgments but we must strive not to be judgmental (condemnatory).  We are people of the light though we must walk in a dark world; thus we must use discernment and judge righteously.  We need to be ‘street smart’ Christians who spot a lie from a mile away and sniff out deception by the light of truth.  Detecting lies and deception requires us to know the truth, and knowing and walking in truth is to walk in the light.  C. S. Lewis stated that he knew the sun existed not only because he could see it but that by it, he could see everything else.  Jesus is truth and assessing His credentials is a thing that can and must be done.  When one honestly examines the person and work of Christ, she understands that He is truth and the Judge of all that is true and false – what is good and evil!  Jesus is both the Judge of all mankind and the Light which exposes the deeds of man.  Thankfully, He is also the Savior who paid the penalty for our sins!

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