Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “The King/Prince” John 1:47-51

It is not so amazing that the eternal God created the cosmos, but it is incomprehensible that God became flesh.  It is not so amazing that after He was incarnated that He justified believers, but it is wonderfully amazing that He confounded the wise and achieved His mission via profound humiliation, faith, and sacrifice.  Jesus is the King of Glory (Ps. 24); and yet He is the Son of God i.e. God’s Prince/Warrior, from which the term Israel is derived (Gen. 32:27-28).  Jesus Messiah is the King who reigns from heaven.  Jesus is also the Son of Man who ascended on the clouds (only God rides the clouds) “to the Ancient of Days” (Dan. 7:13-14) after securing salvation for His people resulting in exaltation from those He came to save via serving as a slain Lamb (Rev. 5).

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