Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  The Word of Creation (Part 1)

I have chosen to switch our series in John to Wednesdays in order to present this series about the Word on Sundays. Although I think hyperbole should be appropriately used, I don’t like it when pastors unduly hype up certain realities, topics, or virtues. Therefore, I tread carefully when I make the claim that this topical series is likely the most important series I’ve ever developed. Notice that I wrote “topical” series. I regard the Word of God in its own context as of the most pertinence; and thus emphasize preaching exegetically 90% of the time because teaching the Word in its own grammatical, situational, canonical, theological, historical, and narrative context is the safest and truest way to be faithful to it and exemplifies the highest trust that it will do its salvific work. Therefore, examining the Word of God proper underscores the source, impetus, priority, salvation, and person of said exegetical preaching. The objectives in this series are to underscore how vital and indispensable such exegetical preaching is (employing such as we go) and to entice a love, admiration, devotion, and dedication to the eternal, living, salvific Word of God. I hope to convey the awesome nature of God’s Word and present some provocative concepts for you to consider and embrace. And having considered the material in this series I hope to demonstrate the beautiful tapestry of biblical theology which reveals these above mentioned realities.

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