Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Sons of Satan”  John 8:37-59
Are you a slave or an heir?  Is your father God or the devil?  Do you abide in Christ or dismiss His claim of being the Almighty God?  In His argument with the Jews, Jesus had to correct their assumptions of their spiritual status and His own.  They had appealed to their status in Abraham as his descendants thus assuming a chosen position in God.  Jesus had said it was one’s status in Him which determines a chosen position in God.  They presumed liberty yet He pointed out their enslavement to sin.  They said Abraham and God were their fathers yet Jesus told them the devil was their father.  They claimed Jesus had a demon and He claimed that He was honored by God.  He claimed to be greater than Abraham and, indeed, claimed to be God and they tried to kill Him, picking up stones as He simply hid from them leaving the Temple and leaving them enraged.  In life and in truth, it doesn’t end well for all.  However, for all in Christ it ends with everlasting life!

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