Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Servant King”  John 6:1-15
“The key, beyond our believing in God’s ability and will to use us, lies in the wholeheartedness of our surrender to him. William Booth’s secret is an open one. Asked to explain the phenomenal impact of his life, he replied, ‘For the last eighty years God has had all that there is of William Booth.’ Through him Christ fed a multitude.”[1] Booth followed in the steps of his Savior – who willingly submitted to the Father and joyfully served His contemporaries. However, Jesus would not be manipulated; nor would He take the appealing way of a superficial rule which might please His followers for a stint, yet leave them desolate in the end. He is the Good Shepherd who knows what is best for His sheep and He is also the Lamb who lovingly lays down His life for them. Precious, almighty, pure, and compassionate Savior – all praise, honor, glory, thanks, and loyalty unto you forevermore!

[1] Milne, B. (1993). The message of John: here is your king!: with study guide (p. 107). Leicester, England; Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

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