Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Secretly Revealing”  John 7:1-36 (Two Part Sermon)
Part 1:  Many conflicts are never solved because they have not been appropriately approached. Many of us have our minds made up before we attempt to resolve such. An open mind is often helpful but what is indispensable is honesty. If we are to find any conflict resolution, any peace, any success, or a true understanding, we must be honest. Jesus likened the “works” of God to be believing in Him (Jn. 6:29). Since no one naturally seeks righteousness (God), they cannot find it. However, the Gospel is that God has sought us sinners and offers to redeem us. Only if we are honest can we respond positively to the Spirit and the Word of God and repent. That is the “work” of God, and our repentance is the beginning of healing, learning, and walking in the truth! When we are honest with ourselves and with God, we can know the truth – we can know Jesus and all that He graciously offers.

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First split of audio for Part 1 of Sermon due to power outage.

Second split of audio for Part 1 (after power recovered).

Audio Part 2