Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Scandalous Scene at the Temple” John 2:13-25
Imagine a young public servant barging into the Capital Building while congress was in session, taking and breaking the gavel while accusing congress that they have made a mockery of the US Constitution by exploiting the tax paying citizens. And after they demanded his credentials, he claimed that they would incarcerate him but he would nevertheless be vindicated three days afterward and justice would be done! Would that be scandalous? Or, if his accusations were true, wouldn’t their actions be scandalous? I fear we are too comfortable in our Western society. We seem to be more concerned with what we are owed (our entitlements) than what we can give (charity). We seem to be more concerned with what we are going to eat than if others have food. We seem to be more concerned with acceptance of the mob culture than proclaim the unpopular truth. As people of God, we must pursue truth, justice, and charity. We must follow our Lord and take up our crosses of preaching, investigating, ministering, sacrificing, praying, and praising the LORD Jesus Christ – no matter the cost! That is why the Temple of God was erected and why Jesus came crashing through it to cleanse it and rebuke corruption therein. He would ultimately die to cleanse and raise on the third day to build a new living Temple of organic stones who would fulfill the roles of God’s Temple purposes.
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