Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Salvation in the Son” John 3:12-21
Jesus told Nicodemus what was necessary to enter the “Kingdom of God” (being born from above – Jn. 3:5) and went on to explain how to attain “everlasting life” (vv. 13-16). After mentioning the mystery of the Spirit, who gives us new life and thus entrance into the Kingdom, Jesus explained that attaining such is realized through belief i.e. trust in the Son of Man being “lifted up.” We see then that eternal life is life in the kingdom of God which is life lived willingly under the righteous reign of the “Father” (v. 16). Eternal life, then is something that is provided by the Spirit, the Son, and the Father. And though it is available to whoever believes (trusts), it is not automatic for those who hate the light and truth! And those who hate light and truth hate Jesus (Jn. 7:7; 18:37).
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