Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Righteous Redeemer”  Luke 4:18

The Declaration of Independence is a document that acknowledges humans’ unalienable rights endowed by our “Creator” who is God of “Nature” and Nature’s “Laws” (legislative), “Supreme Judge” (judicial), and who governs “Providence” (executive). The Declaration of Independence is a profound yet simple document of words. But it represents so much more. In our sermon series we’ve considered the Word’s Creation, Revelation, Incarnation, and currently Salvation. And the document which we celebrate on July fourth is somewhat endowed with those realities. It expresses the virtue of freedom and the indispensable values of it. And it does so because it acknowledges the Word of Scripture. The Word (as noted above) is more than the written word; it is the message of salvation to us. When we read the Word of the LORD we find the LORD of the Word; thus we are transported and transformed by the power of the Word. The Declaration of Independence is powerful because of the concepts, virtues, values, and God its words acknowledge – but only the Word of God can bring salvation and ultimate liberty from sin’s tyranny.

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