Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Public Apocalypse”  John 7:37-52

It is difficult to be patient while waiting for truth to be revealed.  However, I’m learning patience as I continually remind myself that God is in control and will reveal all things in due time.  Jesus had initially refused to go the great feast when urged by His brothers.  He knew it was not His time to be arrested thus strategically waited till crowds were gathered and He could appear in their midst without his observable entourage.  He waited till the climax of the feast to declare His person and work to the multitude.  Knowing that many had and would continue to reject Him, He offered a public declaration for many to consider.  A public apocalypse does not equate to reception.  Nevertheless, the evidence was available then and much more exists today!  Have you examined it or have you tried following and trusting Jesus; who claimed to be the fulfillment of all the Old Testament promises of God’s peace, purpose, and preservation?  His Spirit and the Bride still call out to the thirsty souls to come and “take of the water of life without price.”

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