Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Prophetic Praise and Passion”  Luke 2:29-35

Most of us like to be prepared. Many of us want to know that our time, energy, and resources will not be wasted if we invest in an idea, enterprise, career, relationship, ministry, etc. Most of us would also like to know if some conflict is coming so we can be prepared for impact. Simeon was told that the LORD would reveal the Salvation of God’s people before he died and he received verification when he held Jesus! However, with that satisfying affirmation of hope came a prophesy of pain. Although Jesus would bring salvation, it came with hardened opposition, physical pain, and emotional distress. Jesus’ mission was one which promised turmoil and great suffering. He took on sin and death and punched a hole through the back of it by raising from the dead. How Jesus was going to conquer was not in the minds of anyone except Him. He alone bore the understanding of the means of the mission even from a young age (Lu. 2:49). The objects, events, prophesies, and even songs around Jesus’ birth pointed to the Cross. And as sure as the angelic hosts sung of the Savior’s glory and mission on Christmas night, two glorious angels announced the Savior’s victory over death on Easter morn!

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