Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Mary’s Magnificat, Our Magnificat”  Luke 1:46-55

LORD, may Your people never cease to praise You in public and in private, corporately and personally, radically and wisely! To put it softly, it’s been a mess out there in 2020! Much has happened this calendar year and such has tested most, awakened many, and revealed hidden truths. People have had total paradigm shifts and some have been carefully considering much. No matter if you have experienced significant change or simply fought to stand your ground; if you are a Christian, you have not been shaken from the truth of God’s Word, plan, and promises. God will come again as sure as He descended to the lower parts of earth on Christmas day. And when He does, He’ll personally/tenderly wipe away all of our tears. Where will you be on that day? Will you be rejoicing with the meek who bowed their wills to His glorious plan, or will you be moaning with those who refused to bow and rather cling to their self-promoting plans?

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