Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Joy for Jesus” John 3:22-36
There is much upon which Christian folk disagree. There is always opportunity for opposition but we ought to seek points of agreement firstly. The main things are the plain things and the plain things are the main things! Although a controversial figure, John the baptizer (crazy in the eyes of the religious right) pointed to Jesus as the ultimate truth and savior. His example for us to follow is to focus on Jesus, for He must increase and we must decrease. Jesus stands in the way of our punishment because He endured it for us. God’s wrath is just and perfectly proportioned and if we all got what we deserved we’d get our share of it. Jesus (our salvation) came from heaven just as the wrath of justice comes down from heaven. Any salvation borne of the world cannot produce one who is born again. That which is of the world has warranted wrath but that which has brought righteousness from heaven has warranted life!
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