Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Heavenly Hosts’ Herald”  Luke 2:8-14
We have considered Mary’s and Zechariah’s Christmas songs which emphasize Jesus’ character and mission. Here we consider the angels’ song which emphasizes the manner and method in which Jesus visited us. Of course these songs overlap with regard to Jesus’ person, mission, method, attitude, etc. and because God’s condescending to become flesh is magnificent and mysterious, it is only natural that supernatural beings would herald the miraculous incarnation. Although heavenly hosts gloriously proclaimed the Savior’s birth, it was but outcast shepherds who witnessed the spectacle. And though it was heaven’s Glory who came to earth, they found but a vulnerable babe in a feeding trough! It is no surprise to see a swaddled baby; but one in a feeding trough was a sign that the glorious Creator stepped into creation to bring peace to the poor and meek. If you are great in this world, you better make yourself small; for His peace rests on the least, last, and left-out (Luke 2:14 and James 4:6).

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