Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “From Slavery To Son-ship”  John 8:21-36

Continued Confrontation:  Jesus is Judge of heaven and earth.  Nevertheless, those who confronted Him assumed to be in judgment of (or even over) Him.  He simply shared the cold hard truth with them and that truth He gave to the religious ones of His day is the same truth that offends many still.  That truth is that He is God and everyone’s salvation hinges upon their belief or disbelief in Him.  In Jn. 8:21-30, Jesus spoke of His credentials, mission, and results.  Unlike those “beneath,” He is from above and was headed back up (21-24).  Contrary to their pride, He humbled Himself and thus was “lifted up” (25-30).  Contrary to their inability and transgressions, Jesus was able to liberate those in slavery to sin (31-36).  Because He was lifted up on the Cross, He ascended up to heaven and raises up those who abide in Him!