Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Eternal Food”  John 6:26-51

The Jews had an erroneous focus on a worldly king, national redemption, political Messiah, and earthly prosperity. They had the Prophets and Writings of God, the Temple and priesthood, but they looked to national liberation and prosperity foretold in their scriptures. What was also foretold in those scriptures was that God was more interested in obedience than animal sacrifices and intended to rule the world not merely Palestine. Their wrong focus led to their failure of belief in Jesus who is the fulfillment of all the scriptures. The same is true today. If you “seek God” in order to enhance your success, esteem, wealth, influence, or overall prosperity, you may end up missing out on God altogether. God loves us too much to give us our carnal desires which misdirect us from embracing truth, kneeling in repentance, and offering sacrifices. He’d rather have us see and cling to the transforming truth which demands loyalty but rewards with glory. He wants us to enjoy the greatest exultation – partaking of Him!
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