Sunday Morning Sermon Series: “Embracing Truth” 119:25-32
In the beginning of this fourth octonary, we see the psalmist’s acknowledgment of clinging to the dust (v. 25). At the end he has determined to cling to the testimonies of God (v. 31). Our fallen nature has us stuck in the mud and headed six feet under it; but the new nature provided by God’s Spirit and Word enables us to burst forth (v. 32) with life (vv. 25, 28) into an expansion of freedom (v. 32). Salvation is found only in the Word of God. Let it examine you so that you can declare your ways (v. 26) and your utter dependence upon the Word. For it is the Word who cleanses us from our ways and breaks the bondage of sin’s chains when we cling to Him.
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