Sunday Morning Sermon Series: “Dependency and Devotion” Psalm 119:33-40
Though the psalmist is not ambivalent, he acknowledged the duality of his nature. He knew the need for a single mind toward truth, a single path for his feet, a single heart that was loyal to truth, and a single eye which would not lead him astray from his ‘first love’ (cf. Rev. 2:4). Likewise, believers know all too well the spiritual struggle of our hearts wanting to please God, and our fallen nature wanting to please self. It is so important to feed our eyes, minds, hearts, and spirit with the Word of God so that our feet walk in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Our life is the Word of God and thus it must inform all of our actions; and our actions must display proper priorities, values, attitude, and motives. Oh how we love God and His testimonies, but oh how we fall short; hence our prayer of dependence and continued quickening.
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