Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Dependency and Devotion” Psalm 119:17-24
A faith that isn’t tested is a faith that can’t be trusted. True devotion is manifested in times of trial. If adversity renders one faithless there was never any devotion. Jesus spoke of those who seemed to be receivers of His word. He said they initially acknowledged it but when adversity or selfish desires arose they abandoned it (Mk. 4:16-19). In our focal verses, the psalmist both acknowledged his dependency on God and his willingness to cling to His statutes in the face of slander and conspiracy. In fact, it is presupposed the antagonism was because he preserved God’s testimonies (v. 22) whilst they ignored them (v. 21). You and I may not have so deep a longing for righteousness that we are crushed by such a conviction (v. 20), but a longing for such a longing (v. 5) may be enough to prove our faith true and advance our faith in a surprising faithfulness.

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