Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  Bible Question and Answer Service

A-Chording to the Gospel Blue Grass Band

I hope you enjoyed/celebrated your freedoms and continue to do so today and evermore. This nation still enjoys many blessings bestowed on it by God and one of them is the freedom to preach and to speak freely without fear of penalty for doing such. Today we celebrate such by practicing it during our service via open discussions. Also, we celebrate the freedom of religion of which is expressed clearly and particularly by baptism. Because of our Founding Fathers’ wisdom, we have the freedom to express our faith, and baptism expresses a new spiritual status from being enslaved by sin to freedom in Christ. Although no fascist government can prevent spiritual baptism and salvation; we are, thankfully, free in this nation to openly commit the physical act of baptism to honor God with obedience, express thanksgiving to Him, and proclaim we now have a new life, purpose, security, peace, and relationship with God. Congratulations and welcome our new brother Dan Potter! May all we do in this service point to the Creator and Redeemer who was baptized into our sin so that we could be baptized into His righteousness.

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