Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “Absorption of God’s Truth” Psalm 119:9-16
As you know I have two professional jobs: construction and a pastorate. I love the pastorate! It has its obvious challenges and sorrows but it affords me to do what I love – study God’s Word and preach it! We cannot live without the Word (Mat. 4:4) and thus we need to get into the Word so that it can get into us. I would certainly get my fill of study via reading and listening to good preaching and teaching were I not a pastor. However, being a pastor affords me the opportunity to develop sermons which get God’s Word into the hearts of precious souls like you. We need to absorb the Word and we can only do such by studying, listening to preaching/teaching, meditating, and praying the Scriptures. Let us never forsake such (Heb. 10:25) but rather bask in the Word and proclaim it to all who will listen, for it will give life and life abundant.

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