Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “A Servant Leader” Acts 6:1-7

A deacon in the Southern Baptist Church is an office of service. The term is used of “serving tables” (deacon tables) and is stated in Acts 6, and the Greek term for table is used for more than food. It also is used of money tables. We can deduce, therefore, that a deacon is one who can be entrusted with distribution which thus requires wisdom, maturity, and integrity. Today we acknowledge, ordain, and celebrate J. R. Pennington and his wife Tabitha (Tabby) entering into the recognized role of leadership. This office is not lightly held and requires the said characteristics. Though pastors and deacons are “servers,” they are the called leaders. To whom much is given, much is expected (Lu. 12:48). And so we acknowledge and thank J. R. and Tabitha for taking the sober responsibilities to serve in such a capacity with humility on an official basis because they have already done so on the basis of obedience and love.

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