Sunday Morning Sermon Series:  “A Mat Without A Man” John 5:1-17
Though revolving around a miracle, this passage is about the refusal to trust Jesus’ clear authority over nature, health, sin, and (later) even death (vv. 28-29). John’s Gospel account divides those who encountered Jesus by those who believed and are saved, and those who refuse to trust, even what they saw and heard. It seems that Jesus was setting the confrontation up by commanding the invalid to get up and take his mat, knowing the ‘Sabbath Police’ would certainly investigate. Jesus showed His authority over sickness and man’s law (Mishnah) and used the opportunity to testify in word what He demonstrated via works. He was an affront to their control, manipulation, egos, and authority. Rather than give God His due praise for His compassion and power, they condemn the carrying of an empty mat when they would not have condemned the carrying of a mat with a man on it! Which is more laborious? The irony is pointed out in verse 17. Jesus pointed out that He indeed was working on the Sabbath with His Father and that condemning Jesus’ work and commands would equate to condemning that of God’s.

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